Spiritual Coaching

This type of coaching could be especially helpful to the woman looking to go deeper in her relationship with the Lord or interested in learning more about the Bible and its practical application to life.  As a life-long learner and experienced teacher, I am passionate about helping others read the bible in a new and exciting way. As a Bible student, I studied the Bible inductively (according to its original context) and wrote the equivalent of my own commentary on each book. This in depth study brought the Bible to life and has allowed me to teach it to many others around the world in an easy to understand approach.  Along with learning more about the Lord and His guidebook for our life, Spiritually-focused coaching can help you become more centered, experience freedom, and find life purpose.
bible and crossSome key areas for spiritually focused coaching are:
  • Strategies for spiritual growth. Going deeper with God
  • Inductive bible study and practical application
  • Creating a powerful prayer life
  • Learning to journal/meditate
  • Learning to love like Christ