Personal Training


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“I am not just a trainer, I am your personal coach.” Our sessions will not consist of me giving you a sequence of exercises and then sending you on your way. You will learn, be motivated, work hard, have fun, and experience personalized attention for your specific needs. My experience as a life coach takes personal training to the next level and ensures that you are getting personal, non-judgmental, quality attention from someone who truly cares about your well being.


It’s NEVER too late to get healthy!

Benefits of hiring a personal trainer:

  • Provides individualized attention to your needs. You gain a personal coach to help you meet your goals.
  • Offers guidance for safe and effective techniques to meet your fitness goals.
  • Get fit faster. I customize the right exercises just for you to be successful quicker!
  • A personalized plan that includes activities you enjoy.
  • Offers accountability and motivation to work hard (and enjoy doing it) on those days that you “just don’t feel like it”.
  • Reduces stress and increasing relaxation. Takes the thinking out of what you should do next.
Personal Training is for the woman who would like a little (or a lot of) help creating a healthier life.


Individual Personal Training Packages:

For maximum results, I recommend monthly training  packages. These packages can be offered as one, two, or three sessions per week depending on your needs. My goal is to make these packages as affordable as possible for everyone. I can help customize payment plans and packages for anyone who needs it.

What is included in the packages?

As a wellness coach, my approach is more than just physical fitness. I can help you create a personal wellness plan to include exercise, nutrition, and positive motivation to reach your wellness goals. This includes:

  • 1 hour personalized training sessions tailored to your needs and goals.
  • An individual plan designed  to help you meet your goals in a specified time.
  • Workout in a private, comfortable studio without an audience present.
  • Print outs of workouts to take with you and do on your own.
  • Weekly check-ins via text and/or email.
  • Monthly weight and measurements (for all those who desire it)
  • Water and towels provided so you don’t have to bring anything but yourself.

Which monthly package would you recommend for me?

One session a weekA great option for the woman who would like a little guidance in her weekly workout routine. We meet one time per week and allow you to apply what you have learned to your own workouts the rest of the week. That’s one personalized session each week for a month for only $60 per session.


Two sessions per week (Total of 8): This is my most popular package. It offers 2 great workouts per week so you can be assured you will see results even quicker and stay on track towards success while building momentum each week to maintain motivation.  $55/session or pay $400 for the whole month when paying in full!



Three sessions per week (Total of 12) The “Leave it all to me package” includes nutrition assistance. This package is a great tool to jump start your workout program and see results fast! Some women with full schedules prefer this package because it takes the guess work out of your exercise routine by allowing you to show up, work hard, and enjoy the benefits of 3 fantastic sessions each week without having to find time to create your own.$150 per week for 3 all-inclusive sessions for an entire month! Equipment, towels, and water provided at every appointment. Just bring yourself.


Small group training

Having a friend to work out with can make all the DIFFERENCE. Our friends help motivate us, keep us accountable, and make the workouts more fun. You and your girlfriend(s) can enjoy working out together in my small group sessions tailored to each of your fitness goals.

Book 8 sessions for you and a friend for just $500 (Saving over $20/session per person!)


Located in Everedy Square/Shab Row on East Patrick St. Frederick, Maryland. 

Any of these personal training packages can be customized with Life Coaching services upon request.