Coaching Services

Awareness. Action. Accountability.

Life Coaching can help you:

  • Gain perspective and learn strategies to overcome struggles.
  • Overcome a problem through guidance and support.
  • Get unstuck and discover your purpose
  • Achieve personal growth through accountability and motivation
  • Develop a healthy self-concept in a judgment-free zone
  • Find balance in your life
  • Reach your goals

My desire for each client is to find mind, body, and spiritual wholeness. A coaching relationship offers you an ally to walk through this difficult season of your life, offering support and guidance to help you achieve healing and attain your goals.

I recognize that at different times in our life certain areas are in need of more focused attention. You may find that one of the highlighted services I offer resonates with you or that you are struggling in a few different areas. Don’t worry, that is common. Each program is individualized for every client and will integrate any areas as needed.


Coaching Sessions:

Each session offers an opportunity to learn and grow. We will have client-centered conversation, implement strategies to reach goals, and yes, even complete some homework. This partnership requires work on both of our parts, but is worth the effort! You can make the change you have been desiring. You can reach those goals you have been unsure of how to accomplish. Your coach is an ally that will offer care, motivation, and accountability along the entire journey.



Visit my contact page to receive your complimentary first session.
Coaching is a relationship. This first session is designed to get to know each other a little better and make sure we are a good fit; that we both feel comfortable and our styles are compatible. We will also begin to learn more about your goals and objectives, and create your own customized coaching plan towards success.  

Because coaching is an effective and efficient way to meet your goals, it is recommended that a person devote 3 months (typically 9-12 sessions) in the beginning to lay a good foundation and gain momentum with the new strategies she is learning to implement.

Depending on the time and customization of each woman’s plan, the fee range typically falls between $45-70 per session. In our sessions we will work towards your specific goals (and help you define those if you are unsure)