• Keep your eye on the ball

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    I have recently taken on the challenging tasks of learning to play tennis and golf. I zealously (and ignorantly) decided that if I got the needed equipment, had someone show me the basics, and then simply got out there and tried, I should have no problem picking it up and would be out mastering these activities by summertime. I must admit that while I am enjoying both sports tremendously, I am, unfortunately, not ready to go pro anytime soon.

    However, the single greatest lesson I have learned throughout this process is the importance of never taking my eye off the ball. In order to truly grasp this lesson, I have had to experience countless dramatic swing and misses. Which of course always leave me standing there looking around wondering who saw my embarrassing whiff and trying to figure out if I can make it look like I was just taking a practice swing. No matter how many times I heard the advice to keep my eye on the ball, its importance did not truly resonate until I found my awkwardly twisted body stumbling backwards and sideways, trying to regain my balance before crashing to the ground after a failed attempt to connect to the ball.

    This same failed attempt to hit our goals can occur if we take our eyes off the target we have set. When we set our eyes on the target, our body naturally moves toward it. Our body follows where our eyes are looking and the ball goes where our body directs it. The same is true with our life. How we live and the direction we head, follows where we look. If we keep our eyes toward our goal, we move toward our goal. If we allow our eyes to drift towards distractions or obstacles, these become the focus.  Ask yourself today, “where am I looking?” if your focus has been pulled, reset your gaze on the strategies you have established to reach your goal.

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