• Chasing The Wind


    When I finally sat down around 8 o’clock the other evening, I could not believe that I had just filled my entire day with a myriad of menial tasks. I sat there recounting the errands, organizing, and cleaning that had occurred, realizing just how easy it is to fill my days with these routine tasks and odd jobs if I allowed it. I know moms of toddlers are shaking their head in agreement right now acknowledging just how easy this is to do. While I recognize that these chores are a necessary factor for functioning in this world, I also see just how easy it is to create days full of busyness without betterment. Aside from the menial tasks I mentioned, we can use work, shopping, and any other distractions to fill our time and feel productive. All of these things are necessary in their appropriate place in our lives; however, as many of you know, being busy is not equivalent to being purposeful or productive.

    Solomon addresses this idea many times in Ecclesiastes when he says that striving after the things of this world or trying to fulfill ourselves by our idea of success is like trying to chase the wind. Meaningless and pointless. I would encourage you to join me this morning in evaluating your day by asking yourself if you are chasing the wind. Are you striving after the things of this world or filling your days with activities that allow you to check off your list, but don’t really add value to yours or other’s lives? Maybe you have ordered your days according to other people’s expectations of you. Or you’ve just sort of settled into a routine and aren’t really sure what else to do. If any of this resonates with you, I would encourage you to try asking the Lord today what it is He wants you to do with your time and talents.

    While living on this earth requires us to do certain day to day tasks, we can ask the Lord if there are things we should modify in our lives that are distracting us from His purpose for our life. Solomon reminds us that just as we came into this world naked, so we will leave naked, carrying nothing with us (Ecclesiastes 5:15). It is not what we will take with us that matters, rather what we are leaving behind. How we live our days determines the legacy we leave. Take some time today to determine if your life is glorifying God or yourself.

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