Liz is a business owner, fitness enthusiast, and world traveler. In her free time, you may see her out running the trails, attempting to learn tennis and golf, or enjoying one of the many wonderful shops and restaurants York has to offer . If asked what she believes her purpose in life is, Liz would say it is simply trying to live a life that brings glory to God by helping others. Liz is inspired every day to “walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called” (Eph 4:1). Admittedly, Liz is far from perfect, but embraces the daily grace she is given to keep becoming the woman she was created to be.

Her entire adult life has been geared towards mentoring, teaching, and training others to live purposeful and fulfilling lives. Liz earned her degrees in Biblical Studies  and Christian Counseling and spent the majority of six years speaking, ministering, and teaching overseas in Australia, Africa, Thailand, India, and South America. After working overseas, Liz came back to the states and spent five years working directly with teenagers in residential programs as a counselor, coach, and mentor. She has a special place in her heart for helping young women develop healthy self-concepts and reach their full potential.

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Liz is a Board Certified Master Christian Life Coach, Personal Trainer, and Nutrition and Wellness Consultant. She is also certified in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention and behavioral management techniques for at risk adolescents. Liz believes it is this conglomerate of experience and training mixed with a huge dose of God’s grace , which has led her to assist women in living out their life: Healthy, Empowered, and Redeemed.


“The journey towards success begins with just one step”



Coaching for HER is a personal training and life coaching studio, offering wellness coaching services for women and teens. It is a Christian run and owned business, but welcomes and works with clients from all belief systems and does not proselytize or impose her beliefs on those with differing viewpoints.


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